We understand that different projects have different requirements when it comes to the scope of the project, as well as budget and schedule considerations. Our goal is to find the harmony between the creativity and functionality of the design to create the best visual communication for your brand.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your logo doesn't define your business. But in today's media driven society, you need a logo as a strong identifier that will play a key role in the branding of your business. We have designed logos for businesses and organizations ranging from world renowned custom drum companies to local youth sports clubs and everything in between. Since we do in-house production, we often are able to consider hurdles you may encounter when using your logo and cut them off during the development process.

Digital Marketing & Print Design

We are often asked to create digital slides or marketing pieces for television, website, or print purposes.  These designs prove to strengthen the brand design and enhance the brand's ability to be used for many different applications and mediums. Whether it be a poster to market an upcoming event or possibly a banner to match - we got you covered. Again, continuity is key so having a team like NTX at your disposal to help make sure everything looks the same across the board is a very valuable tool. Plus, you want it to be easy.